Health and Criminal Justice Program

UMass Medical School’s Health and Criminal Justice Program has more than 15 years of experience working with justice-involved populations and providing managed health care services within state and federal correctional facilities.  In addition, we offer a variety of technical, research, and consultative resources to support the planning and delivery of medical, mental health, and substance abuse services for incarcerated populations.

Our managed care services include the following:

  • Clinical support, including dental, nursing, and mental health services
  • Provider network development
  • Third-party administration
  • Pharmacy utilization and formulary management
  • Quality improvement initiatives and risk management

Our consulting focus areas include the following:

  • Infectious disease, including Hepatitis C, HIV, and Tuberculosis
  • Behavioral health
  • Data analytics
  • Special populations, including people with disabilities and aging populations
  • Health care reform
  • Pharmacy
  • Telemedicine

Client Benefits

  • Cost savings
  • Reduced risk
  • Improved quality of care
  • Operational efficiency
  • Care coordination with health care providers and systems
  • Continuity of care for inmates post-release
  • Decreased administrative burdens

Our Experience

Our staff is committed to supporting positive health outcomes that maximize, but do not overextend, available resources. We are seasoned correctional healthcare providers and have managed comprehensive healthcare contracts for over 20,000 inmates and detainees across county, state and federal institutions.

Pioneers in Criminal Justice Health Care Academic Research and Best Practices

We understand the unique challenges in prison health care, and support evidence-based research that promotes best practices. We created the Academic Consortium on Criminal Justice Health (ACCJH) and host the Academic and Health Policy Conference on Correctional Health to support our mission of advancing the science and practice of health care for individuals and populations within the criminal justice system.

Provider Network Development

We have developed a comprehensive network of healthcare providers, and make an effort to work collaboratively with our local providers to ensure we fully understand their challenges, perspectives, and priorities. This enables us to better facilitate necessary care in the community.

By establishing and maintaining a trusted relationship, provider engagement can create momentum for tangible improvements in care delivery -- ultimately leading to a goal of improved health to better prepare inmates for a productive and crime-free return to society. We are committed to maintaining these relationships. If you want more information about joining our provider network, please contact us.

For more information about our out-of-network provider claims policy and rates, please view our policy document.