Disability Evaluation Services

Disability Evaluation Services offers streamlined, high-quality, and cost-effective disability determination services for state and local government agencies and retirement boards seeking to improve their benefit eligibility services for individuals with disabilities. Our capabilities include the following:

  • A capacity to simultaneously apply the rules of one or several disability-based federal and state benefit programs
  • An unparalleled cadre of more than 50 licensed clinical staff including Registered Nurses and Certified Vocational staff experienced in disability evaluation
  • A group of more than 25 onsite licensed physicians including psychologists, psychiatrists, internal medicine physicians and specialists in pediatrics, cardiology, occupational medicine, emergency medicine and nephrology
  • Development of treating source information via a web-based document management system
  • Recruitment and maintenance of a state-wide multi-specialty medical and psychological consultative examination network

Our onsite clinical staff offer a quality-tested approach that incorporates both a medical and vocational review of each case as appropriate. Our coordinated determination process exceeds benchmarks for both state and federal programs and delivers results in a timely and cost-effective manner. We maintain these high-quality standards while handling more than 40,000 disability determinations each year. We currently provide services for Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Missouri.

Our disability determination services include the following areas:

  • We provide state Medicaid agencies and retirement boards with comprehensive or specialized disability determination services depending on their needs.
  • Our team can help state agencies and retirement boards get through backlogs by taking on elements of the case development process, including web-based medical records collection and document management, consulting services and expert medical and vocational decision-making.
  • Our licensed clinical staff, including Registered Nurses, Physicians, Psychologists and Certified Vocational professionals, conduct medical reviews by gathering information, reviewing medical history, and applying SSI/SSD federal law and regulations to determine disability, and provide testimony regarding the applicant’s condition.