Disability and Community Services

As public programs and health care organizations work to meet the increasing demands of individuals receiving long-term services and supports (LTSS), access to the most clinically appropriate and cost-efficient package of services is paramount. 

Our Disability and Community Services team can provide public programs and health care organizations with a wide range of services to help with delivery system reform, including program design, implementation, and operations. We have experience in the following:

  • Coordinating care and supports for individuals with disabilities and complex care needs
  • Designing assessment tools and processes to clinical evaluate needs
  • Developing eligibility and authorization approaches
  • Training providers and state staff on LTSS service delivery reforms

Our cross-disciplinary team includes nurses, occupational, physical, speech, and respiratory therapists, and social workers with many years of experience in the delivery and design of LTSS delivery at both the individual and system levels. Additionally, we collaborate with other UMass programs on the policy, legal, financial, and pharmacy aspects of LTSS programming and program integrity efforts.

  • Assessments of functional and clinical needs
  • Care transitions
  • Complex care coordination and clinical consultation
  • Home- and community-based services (HCBS) waiver eligibility processing
  • Person-centered care planning
  • LTSS prior authorization and utilization review
  • Provider network development and management
  • Training for providers and state staff