Data Management

We build advanced technology platforms that provide targeted health care analytics and reporting capabilities — enabling clients to manage or reduce costs, improve access to health care, and increase the effectiveness of health care delivery. Our staff includes researchers, developers, and analysts with extensive experience in data management, claims data analysis, statistical analysis, modeling, quality measurement, risk adjustment, and economic evaluation.

Specific areas of expertise include:

  • Performing analyses that assist in the development of programs, policies, and payment methodologies
  • Identifying high-risk, high-utilizer, and/or high-cost populations using various statistical modeling approaches to design interventions and support the development of risk-adjusted rates
  • Analyzing the impact of new statewide health policy and financing initiatives and designing alternative financing proposals, purchasing, and payment approaches
  • Providing value-based decision support by evaluating the effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of changes in policy, new services, technologies, and medications in Medicaid and Medicare populations
  • Assessing individual, provider, and organizational factors associated with health care quality
  • Developing data management and analytical systems using integrated data sources, e.g., enrollment and eligibility data, medical and pharmacy claims data, outcome assessment data, case management records, medical records, and survey data.