Center for Health Law and Economics

Designing and implementing health care reform initiatives requires comprehensive expertise in several areas. The Center for Health Law and Economics specializes in access and coverage options, delivery system and payment reforms, financing models, and legislative reform.

Our services include system-wide approaches to the design, development, and analysis of health care improvement efforts and purchasing strategies. We have extensive experience working with state and federal oversight agencies. The Center's expertise in Medicaid law enables us to expertly guide health reform programs through the review process for securing federal approvals.

In the area of health law reform, the Center provides legal guidance and assistance in document drafting. Our legal experts have extensive experience in Medicaid law and programs, the Affordable Care Act, and the vast array of laws and regulations that govern health care in both the public and private sectors. This enables us to provide in-depth consulting on health law reform initiatives.

As states seek to implement new health care initiatives or update existing programs, they often consider whether to enact new legislation as part of these efforts. Our consultants have expertise in crafting and analyzing comprehensive legislative solutions to meet health reform and reimbursement challenges. We were integrally involved in the early design, stakeholder engagement, and drafting of Massachusetts' groundbreaking universal coverage act, Chapter 58 of 2006, as well as the Commonwealth's health care cost containment legislation, Chapter 224 of the Acts of 2012.

Our legal consultants can help states design and draft waivers, state plan amendments, and procurements. We can provide drafting support and review of the vehicles for implementing a state's new policies and programs.