Center for Health Care Financing

There is no single public vendor, or combination of vendors, that performs the scope of savings and revenue projects that the Center for Health Care Financing operates on behalf of state health and human service agencies.

At a time when health care is more complex than ever, demand for the Center's expertise is increasing dramatically. More states and municipalities across the country are discovering the value of our research and technology capabilities, savings initiatives, and comprehensive claiming services.

Our services position states to save millions — in some cases billions — of dollars annually. We are distinguished by our:

  • Commitment to improving the provision of health care services for individuals and families nationwide
  • Determination, as public employees, to protect resources and create sustainable solutions for health care financing
  • Focus on saving and recapturing state and local health care dollars
  • Staff's financial and programmatic expertise and extensive experience at state Medicaid agencies

The Center’s philosophy is that public programs are best run by dedicated public employees working in the public’s interest. As a result, we believe it is critical that state governments develop a greater capacity to maintain operational control over core public agency functions. We lend our assistance, whether advisory, consultative, or operational, to help states meet that goal. Today the Center is working in public partnerships with 18 states to enhance health care financing operations.