Centers & Programs

We operate dozens of programs and centers that serve public sector agencies and nonprofit clients through our mission to provide affordable, quality health care to underserved populations. Our diverse skills and experience enable us to improve health care delivery systems, lead health care reform initiatives, analyze data and make recommendations based on the results. Our teams also provide customized prescription drug management services, and improve the quality of life for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Our initiatives have helped states save millions of dollars annually.

Center for Health Care Financing

We perform savings and revenue projects on behalf of municipal, state, and federal agencies. Our initiatives position states to save millions — in some cases billions — of dollars annually.

Center for Health Law and Economics

We specialize in public and private sector coverage options, delivery systems, financing, and legislative reform. Our services include system-wide approaches to the design, development, and analysis of health care improvement efforts and reform strategies.

Center for Health Policy and Research

We assist public health and human services agencies, nonprofits, and other organizations with a clinical eye toward analyzing data, improving outcomes, enhancing the patient experience and reducing the cost of health care.

Clinical Pharmacy Services

We provide customized, results-oriented prescription drug management services for government, nonprofit, and commercial clients. Our work helps support positive clinical outcomes and control the drug spend.

Data Management

We build advanced technology platforms that provide targeted health care analytics and reporting capabilities — enabling clients to manage or reduce costs, improve access to health care, and increase the effectiveness of health care delivery.

Disability and Community Services

We provide health care management services to public programs and organizations to support individuals with long-term services and supports (LTSS) in the most appropriate and cost-effective setting.  

Disability Evaluation Services

We offer streamlined, high-quality, and cost-effective disability determination services for state and local government agencies and retirement boards seeking to improve their benefit eligibility services for individuals with disabilities.

Health and Criminal Justice Program

We offer technical, research, and consultative resources to support the planning and delivery of medical, mental health, and substance abuse services for incarcerated populations.

Office of Program Development and Enterprise Project Management Office

We provide services to health and human service agencies, hospital systems and other health care organizations, and work with clients to implement a variety of health-related programs and initiatives that improve health care quality and reduce costs.


Our mission is simple: to deliver high-performance health care solutions. We provide administrative and business process solutions to help people access benefits and services.