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Health Policy and Technology

Our Office of Health Policy and Technology provides health policy development, research, analysis, project implementation, and thought leadership related to the impact of information technology on the efficacy of public-sector programs — and on the health outcomes of those they serve.

Our team includes experts in health reform and Medicaid policy, health system technology infrastructure, and public procurement and financing, as well as experts in key technologies essential for public sector programs including:  

  • Electronic medical records
  • Health information exchanges
  • Health insurance exchanges
  • Integrated health and human service eligibility systems

Effectively designed and implemented, these components have the potential to transform our health care system, and provide essential infrastructure for state and national health reform efforts. Our team addresses policy, technical, and financial obstacles to implementation, with the goal of helping drive health care transformation through the widespread and efficient adoption of these technologies.

Our key focus areas include the following:

  • Applying policy research and supporting program implementation at the intersection of health information technology and public-sector health care delivery
  • Evaluating the outcomes — including cost, quality, and access — of using health information technologies
  • Helping public sector agencies acquire and use technology to:
    • Improve effectiveness
    • Measure and improve program quality
    • Promote transparency and value
  • Assisting policy makers through the dissemination of evidence-based information on the appropriate and effective use of health technology in the public sector